Different Types of Carpet Padding and Thicknesses

Carpet padding is used primarily to give life to your carpet by protecting it from the impact of wear and tear and abuse. But there is another benefit that cushioning brings. It can add a sense of comfort to the carpet, providing it with a lavish look. It can as well absorb sound and gives that warn vibe within your home. Carpet padding comes in several types. To know what kind of padding will suit your carpet, you need to know its different types.

Different Types of Carpet Padding and Thicknesses

Foam Capet Padding

Foam carpet padding came from the urethane foam scraps that are commonly taken from car seat and other kinds of foam products. It has various densities and thickness. This kind of carpet padding is used best in low traffic areas. One essential fact that you need to know about this type of pad is that its foam doesn’t accurately hold on to the carpet. Plus, its cushioning can make the carpet move unevenly. Eventually, it can breakdown in just a short period of time.

Rubber Carpet Padding

Rubber padding comes in two kinds – waffle rubber and flat rubber. Flat rubber can provide a sense of luxury in your home. Its cushioning is durable and can give a lifetime protection from wearing away. Flat rubber carpet padding is a bit pricey though. Waffle rubber padding, on the hand, comes in a very soft and waffle-like texture that is made usually from spongy rubber material. Just like waffle, it has hills and valleys. The carpet will sit on the hills (raised areas) of the padding. This means that the padding has great amount of air, providing a softer feel to the carpet. But the thing about this kind of rubber padding is that it can break down sooner or later. However, waffle paddings sold today have been made more durable compared to the ones being produced in the past.

Fiber Carpet Padding

This padding is made from natural and recycled fiber. Sometimes fiber carpet pads are made from jute. Even those synthetic and textile carpet fibers are utilized for such purpose. Fiber padding gives that firm touch to the carpet, and this carpet cushion is said to be lifelong and is resistant to mold and mildew.

These are just some types of carpet padding that you need to know. The best carpet padding lies in the kind of carpet that you have and also the amount of traffic that the pads and carpets are likely to have. Dense and thin paddings work best for high traffic areas, while those with low traffic should use thicker carpet cushion.

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